VersaGolf 1.3 Released!

VersaGolf 1.3 is now available on the Windows Phone Marketplace.  Please update your application to take advantage of the following new features and bug fixes:

1.3 Features:

  • Graphical facelift throughout the application
  • Added Sand Shots and Penalty Strokes to the Score Capture Page
  • Enhanced the scorecard to display stats for each hole in addition to scores
  • Added the ability to quickly change between statistics by tapping the title on the Chart Page
  • Chart statistics can now be saved to your phone’s pictures library
  • Added four new statistics reports around sand shots and penalty strokes
  • Added password retrieval capability to the Login Page
  • Added the ability to clear a placed waypoint without switching holes

Coming soon:

  • Auto email of scorecards when at the completion of a round (will not require phone update)
  • Windows Phone 7.5 (mango) updates
  • Ability to define waypoints and hazard locations within the Course Builder companion app.
  • Additional account management features available on the phone

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