VersaGolf 2.1 Release Planning

Below are some of the enhnacements in the works for VersaGolf 2.1 and Course Builder.

  • Support for Metric
  • Ability to select and call a course from within the Course Selection page to simplify tee time scheduling
  • Ability to toggle on/off the statistcs that you wish to capture. Users who only wish capture strokes can
    now disable putts, FIR, penalties, and sand shots.
  • Additional rework on the Score Entry page to enhance score caputre ease.
  • Ability to mark hazards and a default waypoint within the Course Builder. These new locations and their distances from the golfer will be available on the device.
  • The Course Builder will now display the cursor’s distance from the tee, making it easier to define waypoints.
  • Ability to create, modify, and remove scorecards from Course Builder.

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